Great Experience – Great Information

By Lisa Hardisty

The 2016 HCCA Managed Care Conference continues to be a valuable place to learn about current industry best practices and challenges to prepare for the year ahead. I was most pleased that Kim Brandt, Chief Healthcare Investigative Counsel with the US Senate Finance Committee, was able to join us this year as she continues to be an enthralling speaker who brings essential information impacting health care in our country today. I look forward to her presentation every year and feel she is a valuable asset to the conference.

Dan Roach, General Counsel and CCO at Optum 360, lead the closing hour yesterday with a truly engaging discussion about the seven habits of an effective compliance and ethics professional. With key takeaways such as be a “lifeguard” not a “corporate cop,” he provided critical information, recommended approaches and insight into behaviors that would help any leader, not just a compliance professional, evaluate the most effective ways to induce desired behaviors and actions.

The quality of the presenters and information at the HCCA Managed Care Conference continues to meet my highest expectations.