4 Steps for Creating a Culture of Compliance

4 Steps for Creating a Culture of Compliancepaddy_mcgovern_edited_bwBy Paddy McGovern
Head of Compliance Content Strategy, Interactive Compliance Training 

Creating a culture of compliance within an organization is one the most crucial things a business can do to ensure its success. The backbone of every business is the employees that have the ability to either strengthen or weaken the company they represent. Here are four vital ways that you can bolster the culture of compliance within your organization:

1.) Leadership that makes employees feel safe. Given that employees are human, even those with the best intentions are bound to make errors at some point. To create an atmosphere that will promote growth and loyalty, it’s important not to zero-in on errors, but rather to create an environment where employees know that the organization is most interested in their overall success.

2.) A personalized compliance experience. Employees who are seen and recognized as individuals will have a better chance of flourishing, and by extension maintaining the culture of compliance within your organization. Personalizing risk levels and compliance experience will result in a team of employees who are uniquely and smartly equipped to do their jobs.

3.) When employees are competent, let them show it. It is a waste of time and resources when employees are forced to participate in training that is below their compliance understanding and skill level. Instead, it makes sense for them and for the organization to allow them to test-out of areas that they already have mastered.

4.) Utilize innovative tools that promote maximum retention. If employees are bored, they won’t retain information. Instead, make use of the tools and systems available that will allow your employees to learn, and apply compliance policy like never before.

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Paddy McGovern is Head of Compliance Content Strategy for Interactive Compliance Training (ICT), an online compliance learning library. Paddy creates and manages the content in the ICT library and liaises with clients to identify the content that best meets their compliance needs. He can be reached at pmcgovern@interactiveservices.com or by phone at +353-1-811-1386.