10 ways to celebrate Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week


Adam Turteltaub PhotoPost by Adam Turteltaub

SCCE & HCCA created Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week in 2005 to shine a spotlight on the importance of compliance and ethics. The core principles of the week are awareness, recognition, and reinforcement. SCCE & HCCA have several complimentary tools you can use to help communicate the importance of compliance and ethics at your organization.

Here are 10 ways to celebrate:

  1. Host Daily Trainings

Encourage all employees to participate in daily training with fun activities, to enter for a chance to win prizes. Hold sessions designed to be informative, interactive and to enhance awareness and promote discussion of compliance topics. End the training week with a lunch for staff!

  1. Video from Chief Compliance Officer

Have a video from the Chief Compliance Officer talk about business ethics and compliance and what policies your organization has in place.

3. Share on social media

Provide your employees and clients with daily “compliance & ethics focused” inspirational quotes to assist in keeping compliance and ethical behavior top of mind every day.

  1. Play a game

Make compliance and ethics not so boring! Create a game for engagement: bingo, memory games, trivia, and more!

  1. Showcase the compliance team in an employee newsletter

Send an email to your staff that focuses on your compliance team’s new policies or procedures.

  1. Send compliance update emails

Send daily educational emails to all staff regarding regulatory updates, the culture of compliance, awareness of compliance, and reinforcement of the compliance program.

  1. “Do the Right Thing” Celebration

Have a team event that features activities and contests to engage employees and raise awareness, leadership townhall discussions.  Create and share inspiring videos from employees making a difference.

  1. “Camp Compliance”

Have camp-themed activities that correlate with daily ethical and compliance decisions that can be made through the work you do and cater in a camp-style lunch for your staff.

  1. Color Coordinate!

Have everyone wear the same color based on your company’s logo to symbolize everyone working together to a common goal. Example: Tuesday is Orange Day; Wednesday is Blue Day and Thursday is Green Day.

  1. Give out an Ethics & Integrity Award

Kick off a yearly award for ethics and integrity within your company.  Request peer nominations 2-3 months prior to the event.