Have You Hugged Your Compliance Officer Today?

By Brett Safford

A chat with a friend. That is what every interaction feels like at SCCECEI in Chicago. From the people I’ve interacted with on social media to the fellow exhibitors in neighboring booths to the curious people that stop by to learn about our product: We are all here to gather and learn about the same thing, all working towards the same goal, compliance, and we know we are all in it together. I’ve heard more than one person exclaim “I’m here! With my people!” During the opening speeches Roy Snell said, “This is a community. We are all responsible for our culture.” That is the culture of compliance professionals.

Compliance professionals sometimes have an uphill battle in their organizations. They are the ones that have to bring the hammer down, the ones that people think take the fun out of things. But in my experience at this event they are some of the most fun people in the corporate world (besides the marketers of course, my other passion). Yes they have to put the hammer down but it is because they care about the reputation of your department and your company. So next time you feel frustrated about a rule you have to follow or a regulation you have to meet remember why these rules and regulations are there, then go find your compliance officer and give them a hug.