Effective Communication Enables World Class Compliance Programs


Effective Communication Enables World Class Compliance ProgramsMartino, KrisBy Kris Martino, CCEP
kris.martino@onsemi.com, Twitter: @KMFactor
ON Semiconductor global communication manager and change management, compliance and ethics committee member (LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinamartino)

Mobilizing employees and engaging them is difficult, especially if you have a lackluster communication plan to back it up. At ON Semiconductor, we take our communications strategies to heart and have incorporated them into the core of our compliance program. Our committee includes top leaders from each respective business unit providing depth and breadth to a program that the Corporate Executive Board evaluated as highly effective as compared with other companies. Our communications efforts are sought after by many organizations for our best practices including the Arizona Ethics and Compliance Council.

The program has evolved tremendously since its inception in 2004 when our vision began as a document sitting on our chief compliance and ethics officer’s desk. Since then, we have matured as a world class program incorporating our committee and 26 global compliance and ethics liaisons (CELs). These liaisons are instrumental to the company’s annual compliance and ethics week, which many of our sites expand to a compliance month.

How does a global manufacturing company with multiple time zones and education levels, and an employee base primarily comprised of speakers of English as a second language, communicate with its employees? The answer is simple. The execution must be strategic.

Communication at our company is embedded at multiple levels ranging from top level management all the way to our line workers. Last week, our company held its global compliance and ethics conference which was attended by committee members, CELs and our Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) site champions. This global meeting provided our compliance professionals with the resources and tools needed to further implement our compliance strategies.Integrity

This week, our employees will experience daily emails which include quotes, scenarios based on real situations from our company, motivational statements and reinstatement of our reporting procedures and resources. Slides for display on monitors in hallways were provided to each site as well as the unveiling of a new compliance poster entitled “Integrity,” one of the three core values that our company embraces. Our global intranet landing page includes messages for the week as well as our internal, direct ethics URL, which houses material like translated versions of our Code of Business Conduct and our hotline numbers. A compliance communication toolbox includes fresh materials for our CELs to utilize at site meetings and at their local lunch and learns. The global communications team assists with messaging on the site level which includes anonymous feedback surveys. This feedback is analyzed for content prepared in future local events. Sites are taking photos of their local events to be posted on the global intranet page and published in our monthly, 20-page, global employee newsletter. This addition will be included with our monthly highlights on the compliance program.

For those viewing our company from an external perspective, our Code of Business Conduct is posted on our external page and periodic compliance messages are posted to our social media accounts. This week, our corporate social responsibility account (@ONSemiCommunity) will highlight daily compliance messages.


  1. Excellent examples! Communication is critical and this article gives a terrific outline of best practices.

  2. Kris, this message is very timely for me because we are currently revising our compliance training and communication plan. Can you tell me if you outsourced any part of the communications?

  3. Thank you Kristy.

    No Wanda, we do not outsource. Everything is done internally. Please feel free to email me and we can brainstorm some ideas for your company!

  4. Hi Kris, This is an amazing and invaluable piece of information giving a soft outline of how a global entity should start repeating communication via a structured and multi-team layered approach to set the tone.Thanks!

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