Developing an Effective Sexual Harassment Training


By Mark Dorosz
VP of Compliance Learning, Interactive Services

One of the most important compliance trainings your workplace should be developing is preventing sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can be an uncomfortable topic for your employees and managers, but in today’s modern workplace, it’s important to ensure regularly that employees understand this important topic.

The key to creating a great sexual harassment compliance training is creating a curriculum that’s clear, relevant to your office, and promotes a safe dialogue. When holding a compliance training around sexual harassment compliance, have it include the following components:

  • Establish company policy. What constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace is different from interactions in casual social environments. Write out concrete, clear policies defining sexual harassment in the workplace and company consequences for violating the policy.
  • Use relevant examples. In an e-learning or classroom environment, create sexual harassment vignettes and scenarios that might happen in your workplace’s environment. If you work in an office building, don’t use examples at a construction site, or vice versa. Use multimedia, such as video and audio, to display examples of sexual harassment. If your training is live, have groups of employees discuss different scenarios.
  • Create a safe space. Sexual harassment training can trigger employees, as they might have experienced past workplace harassment or know someone else who did. In a live training, establish a no bullying, safe environment and give employees a safe person to talk to if they feel uncomfortable. For e-learning, encourage employees to take breaks if needed, and include a safe contact’s phone number.
  • Give instructions. Make sure all employees leave with a handout (or have a handout emailed to them) explaining the steps they can take if they believe they’ve been sexually harassed. Ensure all employees know their rights, legally and within the company, in this situation.

Creating a great compliance training doesn’t have to be difficult when you work with caring and experienced professionals.

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  1. “Creating a great compliance training doesn’t have to be difficult when you work with caring and experienced professionals.” – Very True

    It is very important that where you work, the environment should be fully safe and comfortable. Because its our workplace where we spend our maximum time.

    It is required that people should have obtained such training’s so that in case if they have been into such situation, it can be manged by them easily.

    Thanks for sharing these effective components.

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