Making Your Compliance Training More Interactive


By Mark Dorosz
VP of Compliance Learning, Interactive Services

While E-Learning makes compliance training more accessible, it can become stagnant when the same content structure is being used over and over again.  The biggest complaint employees have about e-learning courses is that they’re less interactive and engaging than being in a classroom.

Here are tactics to keep your employees engaged with your E-Learning:

Use a wide variety of multimedia.

Just like when you create a live training, you’ll want to mix and match the methods of conveying information to keep your employees’ attention. Examples of media that your e-learning course can use to its advantage include different background and text colors, sound effects and auditory explanations, videos of trainers teaching, and even relevant cartoons.

Create programming the employees can directly interact with.

Just because an e-learning course is online doesn’t mean you can’t make it interactive. Along with pre and post-tests, you can engage employees by giving fill in the blank mini-quizzes throughout the e-learning class. You can also ask employees to click on buttons or type an opinion during simulations.

Have employees take the training in teams or groups.

E-learning training doesn’t necessarily have to be completed by one person sitting at a desk. You can still make the training a fun day for a group of employees by having them go to a training room, like they would for an in-person training, and put the training up on a large projector screen. Make sure to have separate computers for each employee so they can take their own pre and post-test. If you don’t have the facilities for a large training, allow employees to take the training in pairs.

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